by Feral Booty

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released December 27, 2015

recorded by dan shaw




Feral Booty Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: fertilizer
Condemned to wander this toxic desert

the wake of your gereration

I know how it plays out

your children wont forgive you

no inspiration, no inspiration

no inspiration from you

symbols of prophecy

lead us back to the past

in this tangible state

our future is cast

truth co-created

together we spin the wheel

all we ask is that you feel

plunge into the depths from whence we came

darkness determines we will never be the same

expel from ourselves all of what we know

from the black soil grow
Track Name: vomiting
every friend i lose i replace with an extra beer each night

in our distance grows the cancer of losing the will to fight

o i never thought id be singing such a depressing tune

but now i find my solace howling like a wolf at the unreachable moon

living in a jaded city where its already been done

getting numb and stupid is whats considered fun

community of resistance in a death-culture slump

glorified images of misery clot into a malignant lump