raised by wolves

by Feral Booty

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released December 27, 2015

recorded by icarus in olympia, WA



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Feral Booty Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: fertilizer
Condemned to wander this toxic desert

the wake of your gereration

I know how it plays out

your children won't forgive you

no inspiration, no inspiration

no inspiration from you

symbols of prophecy

lead us back to the past

in this tangible state

our future is cast

truth co-created

together we spin the wheel

all we ask is that you feel

plunge into the depths from whence we came

darkness determines we will never be the same

expel from ourselves all of what we know

from the black soil grow
Track Name: pirate song
we took to the seas

to get rich by violent means

crashing waves turn pain

into silent screams

crashing swords and renegade hordes

lead us beyond unholy fjords

from ship to ship

the valkryes guide

the vessel upon

which next we will ride

caravans change but our spirits naught

the fury of which can never be caught

destroy all that stands within our path

feel the song that carries all our wrath
Track Name: coal
all of the good things i've done and all of the bad

as long as i remember i'm never feeling sad

that tension is my coal turning my wheels past a goal

no real land on which to stand and i'm stuck in a hole

feeding on death and creating new life

adapting in this fucked up world to survive on strife

you can take a knife to my heart

if you want to see my soul

but you might miss it if you dont see it as spokes in a wheel on the roll

hatred seems the only tone with which i harmonize

but when i get a good glimpse i see it resonate in your eyes

in the daytime i see through the illusory blue sky

deep inside i know its darkness in which all the stars lie

the oceans reflection it reminds me im afloat

don't think that youre so grounded surrounded by your moat
Track Name: raised by wolves
i wasn't born in a barn i was raised by wolves

the huntsman, he comes crashing through the trees

half that goddamn forest it flees

the rats the rats they scratch up through the floor

don't they know we dont care anymore

save up save up buy a gun and rob a bank
Track Name: revolutionary pizza party
hollow slogans out your megaphone

illusion of power but youre a fucking drone

co-opt pain and struggle into your play

sacred chants survive generations of genocide

voices carrying on past your decay

fuck what you say you have nothing to offer

your revolution is just a coin in the coffer

just another brand of state control

you arent the working class you just take their toll

another instance of false repsresentation

who are you speaking for? Who is 'we''?

If i raise my fist in solidarity

it will be to drop you to your knees

outspoken windbag don't march by my side

you have nothing to lose, you're just along for the ride

regurgitation of a re-iteration of theoretical frustration

coming out as misappropriation

we've read all your pamphets and we see through your lies

rhetoric gets you nothing but contempt and despise

empty eyes, hypnotized, feigned emotions when the other dies

no martyrs of your own, you cowards prey on media worthy death

vultures lifting up a corpse to die on your cross

opportunists celebrating devastating loss

speak for the dead because they can't retort

if they were alive is it your cause they'd support
Track Name: vomiting
every friend i lose i replace with an extra beer each night

in our distance grows the cancer of losing the will to fight

o i never thought i'd be singing such a depressing tune

but now i find my solace howling like a wolf at the unreachable moon

living in a jaded city where its already been done

getting numb and stupid is what's considered fun

community of resistance in a death-culture slump

glorified images of misery clot into a malignant lump
Track Name: impossible tango
impossible ideas keep me sane

my last shred of hope in a world focused on gain

i'd be productive but its a waste of my brain

I'll take the template of a service dog I.D.

paste on my picture so i can freely shit and pee

o i bet the cops would believe me

they treat me like a dog well now they have proof that i am

I'd run around naked and drop logs in the park

on every fucking hydrant, i would leave my mark

I'll build a floating island made out of trash

one so rad I'll give tours to yuppies for cash

I'll use that money to fund a pirate fleet

we'll take over the ocean you can keep your fucking street

just to prove I'm badass I'll feel a shark my legs

replace them both with driftwooden pegs

smoke seaweed all day long and drink fermented fish

using shells as my utensils, never do a dish

I'll hop barges to cherynobyl to meditate on radioactive land

trigger mutations that god never planned

have a 4-foot monkey's tail I'll use to swing on tree limbs

webbed toes and fingers to paddle faster than a dolphin swims

bat wings when i want to scare christians away

tell them its their time of reckoning, 'your soul is my prey'

you may say radiation is dangerous but i put my head

up to the microwave, sometimes for days

i owe my startling intelligence

to these wonderful rays

I`ll take in lots of kids who are wards of the state

take them out of school and teach them how to skate

show them to rob from assholes and how to fire a gun

we'll rob lots of banks and boy won't we have fun

I'll warn them about drugs, make sure they eat the right bugs

teach them how to fight so they can beat up bully thugs

live in a treefort for as long as we can

maybe I'll even wear green tights like peter pan

I'll stop drinking beer and smoking cigarettes

get good at all instruments, even ones without frets

we'll conjure up schemes with all our friends

work really hard just to meet all our ends

grow lots of food and share with everyone

we won't need it cuz we'll have superpowers from the sun

train day and night, practicing kung fu

and beat up the cops if they're fucking with you

we'll make friends with the world and we'll smash the state

liberate all skateboards so poor kids can skate

that may sound stupid, but would you rather i say

`together we can rid the world of poverty, injustice, and hate`